Pisces, the Mother’s birth sign, and the Vesica                    
To conclude, it is to be noted that the Vesica Piscis holds the great secret of the Mother’s own birth sign, Pisces. The commonly known version of its hieroglyph is given below (a); whereas, after initiation into the mysteries of the zodiac and  its higher knowledge, that exoteric hieroglyph becomes (b), or the Vesica Piscis formula (c), the most revered key of all sacred geometry. Pisces is the last sign of the zodiac. After the ‘journey’ through the preceding eleven signs, the hierophant finds this symbol ‘made new’ as it opens to his inner vision those very wonders the Mother has captured for us in her original vision and plan of the inner chamber.

What was lost
ALL OF THIS WAS LOST IN THE AUROVILLE MATRIMANDIR. There is not one element of the sacred in the core of that structure. Not only was Sri Aurobindo’s symbol rendered effete and weak by its see-through design and the materials employed, its measurements, disproportionate to the globe, were not of the precision required to allow the chamber to perform the very object for which the Mother gave the world this sacred revelation: the key to Time’s transformation into an ally for the descent of the supramental creation and the realisation of Immortality. Most unforgivable of all is that the measure of the miracle Ray was distorted beyond recognition by not ending its descent at the top of the pedestal (15.20m), after which it must no longer be seen. What transpires in the pedestal is the great Secret; it is Guha, the hidden one in the cave, at the innermost space of the seeker where there is only that sacred Point: the Immanent, the One, Agni, Satyavan. It is there that we find the temple’s supreme power point – that is, at the pedestal’s diagonal cross section at its very heart.
          This ‘birth’ by compression ‘fills the void’ which is the objective of Sri Aurobindo’s passage from Transcendent to Immanent in an unbroken line of time, compressed from ‘the other side’ to emerge as the One.
          The executing architect, Piero Cicionesi, who took it upon himself to redesign the core ‘in his image’ (see AUROVILLE TODAY, No. 31, August 1991, page 6), prided himself on leaving a 4cm hole in the floor when he closed the 3m opening where the Mother’s symbol was to have been placed. A colossal amount was spent on engineering this ‘void’ at the chamber’s heart, only then to close it up! Be that as it may, the executing architect, with no sanction other than his own limited perception, went so far as to state that he left this 4cm aperture for ‘symbolic’ reasons: 

‘It is symbolic. I do not think that you will be able to see it in the daytime, as the natural sunlight will be too strong. But in the evening, maybe a tiny spot of light will be visible from underneath the floor of the Chamber. It still has to be seen if that light can be concentrated again into a ray so as to really touch the water of the lotus pond beneath.’

          To our knowledge, Piero Cicionesi has never explained the symbolism he saw in this 4cm hole, where none should exist in a symbol of the supramental creation. But from what has been explained in this Chronicle, the reader can easily understand that Cicionesi was simply true to himself and the binary creature that he is, in orbit of a void (the origin of the human ego).

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