Another aspect of the Chamber to note is that it is essentially bare with only a few items to delineate or define the 24m space. But each of these items is not without its symbolic meaning. More than that, they describe features of the Supramental Manifestation in its ongoing expression as the Work is organised today, and for tomorrow. In this light we note that the Mother’s symbol is incorporated in the horizontal dimension (expansion) not the vertical. The reader must note this distinction because it is fundamental if we want to read what is ‘written’ in the chamber
          When the Mother insisted that ‘everything is symbolic’, in the course of a valiant defence of her Vision, she thus confirmed that each item had a meaning, a sense. Except for some clues she provided, the rest was to be discovered with the subsequent descent of the Knowledge during the ‘sorting out’ process. But just because her entourage dismissed that ‘sense’ and symbolism, it does not follow that we are prohibited from not only making these discoveries but from wanting to preserve her Vision just as she chose to reveal it; for which reason she set in motion the ‘sorting out of the people’. Naturally, to receive the new things new methods had to be devised, new vistas of yoga had to be opened.
          With this preparation we have been able to employ the ancient tools, namely the Laws of Equivalence and Correspondence, for the discoveries. These are not as esoteric and recondite as first appears. For instance, the law ‘one day for one year’ simply refers to the fact that vis-à-vis the Sun the experience of the Earth in the 24-hour revolution on her axis, during which time she turns all parts of herself to the luminary, is the same as her revolution around the Sun in our 365-day year. Admittedly, to appreciate this correspondence a perception of oneness must exist. On that basis, a definite correspondence of experience, of being, of purpose emerges between the day and the year for Earth’s creatures. It is written in our genes, just as the Sun’s own physical pulsation is recorded in our cells: exactly 9 pulsations in our 24-hour day. Even further, these various movements of the Earth around the Sun are the planet’s contribution to the harmony. It is her rhythm, her ‘music’ added to the symphony of the whole ensemble that is our solar system.
          Because of these important correspondences and harmonics, our 24-hour day is the upholding measurement in the chamber, central to which is the Mother’s own symbol. When this perfectly fashioned base is established and the horizontal plane is firmly in place, our eyes then turn to the vertical, the ‘carousel’s’ axis of light. And there, hidden in the descending miracle Ray playing upon the globe and ending at the top of the stone pedestal, consisting of Sri Aurobindo’s four upright symbols, we see the year of 365 days – passing over a space of 15.20m by the Laws of Correspondence and Equivalence. Those 15.20m in a descending cascade must stop at the top of the pedestal. If we wish to honour the Harmony, the Ray must measure 365 days/15.20m. If it does not, there is disharmony; everything is askew and Time is the destroyer and not the ally because his demanding Laws have been transgressed.

The Transcendent’s birth as the Immanent
In the Matrimandir Talks the Mother mentions two figures, 15.20 and 15.50. Both are correct. One is the measure of the miracle Ray, the other is the height of the room. To reconcile the two and draw them harmoniously into the rhythm of the whole, the missing but crucial element is the pedestal. For it is Sri Aurobindo’s sacred symbol that reconciles and integrates once again. This occurs only when the exact measurement (height and width) of the pedestal is discovered.
          We write ‘discovered’ because the Mother did not specify emphatically the pedestal’s measurement. In the early part of her experience she vaguely mentions 30cm; but after the Act of Measuring several days later, all the pieces of the puzzle fit into place.

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