It is thus that Transcendence is moulded into Immanence in the soul of Savitri (the globe), as she draws Satyavan (the Immanent in the pedestal) into a ‘mother’s breast’ amidst the formidable contraction that this downward plunge into the heart of creation compels. For this is indeed the nature and being of the Immanent: contraction to a point. We shall see how beautifully this metaphysical truth is displayed by the Mother in her wondrous plan.
          In the inner chamber the Globe is seen as the channel to render immanent the subtleness of Transcendence. What is ABOVE is brought BELOW, into the heart of creation. Hence Sri Aurobindo’s symbol is rendered in solid stone in the pedestal, as the Mother wanted, in keeping with the very nature of the Immanent, in contrast to his subtle symbol as manifested in the Shalagrama. This may appear confusing but we can use sacred geometry to bring it alive and comprehensible. The geometric formula for the discovery is known in schools of higher knowledge as the

          The diagram below is the traditional Vesica Piscis. As noted, it is constructed simply by drawing two circles of equal diameter and connecting their radii. Yet simple as it is, we discover the great secret of the temple with this ancient formula: the correct measurement of the core’s Pedestal. The Mother did not specify what that should be; she did not need to. All she had to stress was the correct diameter of the Globe: 70cm. Before the ‘act of measuring’ this too was left vague. But once she applied her consciousness to the details of the revelation, whatever needed to be recorded accurately for posterity the Supramental Shakti attended to, regardless of the disinterest in her entourage at the time.

From  The New Way, Vol. 2, p.236,
p.238 Aeon Books, 1981 

A Vesica Piscis drawn on the basis of a circle of 70cm diameter holds the pedestal ‘in its bosom’ (see diagram above). And since the Mother stated that she saw the corners of Sri Aurobindo’s orange-coloured stone symbols touching, the key to the discovery lay in the fact that with a 70cm Vesica those upright rectangles would accommodate neatly and exactly Sri Aurobindo’s symbol within the lower ‘subtle’ circle. We emphasise subtle (the dotted line circle in the diagram to the right above) because in the chamber’s core this circle exists by inference – just as Sri Aurobindo’s symbol ‘manifests subtly’ in the Shalagrama. His provides the seal and sanction – though subtle or ‘from above’ – for the outer Shalagrama and integrates inner and outer, but only because in the inner space his transcendence becomes immanent in the stone pedestal. But it, in turn, is ‘legitimised’ by the luminous Globe of perfect measure.

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