In the early stages, the contribution of the Titans is certainly more valuable than that of the Gods because of their tenacity. They labour with formidable enduring power to hold the head despite the exuding poisonous fumes. This is a labour the Gods are loathe or perhaps too weak to endure. These ‘gods’ identify with a spirituality that refuses to be ‘sullied’; they shy away from the combat, the hard struggle.
          The fumes are the waste particles that feed the Shadow during the churning within a CONTAINED ENERGY BASE expressed by the Vishnu Shalagrama. When the process is contained within defined parameters, as in the Auroville experiment, the Earth is spared an otherwise inevitable destiny of total destruction. This energy must be viewed as an accumulation of disharmonious, misaligned time. An accurate assessment can be made using our contemporary value system which equates energy with time and money, and the amount already spent in the Auroville Matrimandir. It would certainly appear to be a formidable waste. But is this really so?
          Misalignment has been going on for a very long time, a slow and steady accumulation over the centuries. India’s skewed time-axis has thus accumulated tremendous poisonous wastes which the Titans did come to consume in their sacrifice at the service of the One. But if there had not been ‘treasures’ from the churning and only those poisonous fumes, the labour of both Gods and Titans would have borne no fruit at all and the Earth would be doomed. However, these Chronicles testify that both fumes and treasures have arisen simultaneously over these past 33 years. Herein lies the key. But when the time of unveiling arrives, when Vritra is slain and the light of the Sun illumines the darkness, the reign of the Shadow must end. He must abdicate. 

Thus will the masked Transcendent mount his throne.
When darkness deepens strangling the earth’s breast
And man’s corporeal mind is the only lamp,
As a thief’s in the night shall be the covert tread
Of one who steps unseen into his house.
A Voice ill-heard shall speak, the soul obey,
A power into mind’s inner chamber steal,
A charm and sweetness open life’s closed doors
And beauty conquer the resisting world,
The truth-light capture Nature by surprise,
A stealth of God compel the heart to bliss
And earth grow unexpectedly divine.
In Matter shall be lit the spirit’s glow,
In body and body kindled the sacred birth;
Night shall awake to the anthem of the stars,
The days become a happy pilgrim march,
Our will a force of the Eternal’s power,
And thought the rays of a spiritual sun.
A few shall see what none yet understands;
God shall grow up while the wise men talk and sleep;
For man shall not know the coming till its hour
And belief shall be not till the work is done.    

  (Savitri, Book One, Canto Four)        

Matrimandir Action Committee
17 May 2003

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