The year of Sri Aurobindo’s passing, 1950, begins at the top of the pedestal when the light then becomes hidden from view.

From The New Way, Vol. 2,
 p.248, Aeon Books, 1981


          Time and its magical properties moves on even in the pedestal. Therefore, in a space of 50cm, we note that 13 days/years are ‘contained’. Insofar as the chamber is a veritable hymn to Saturn, or Chronos the Time-Spirit, known also as the ruler of India’s sign, Capricorn, those additional 13 days added to the Earth’s 365 give us a total of 378. By a miracle of gnostic measure, 378 days are precisely the synodic year of none other than Saturn. As seen from the Earth, it takes 378 days for Saturn to make one revolution around the Sun; that is, Sun, Saturn, and Earth return to their same positions vis-à-vis each other in this period of time. And this miracle of the Law of Equivalence is found in the central shaft when the Mother’s original plan is respected. Thus is born the new precision.
          A mystery of alchemy transpires in the core’s pedestal over a period of 13 years, bringing the Axis to a close in December 1963. Note that immediately after this date the Mother REMADE Sri Aurobindo’s symbol, since all things had been ‘made new’, as is written in the temple. There is no sacred geometry of any tradition, old or new, that can equal the Geometry of Time of the Mother’s Vision and the complete body of Knowledge contained in her original plan.

What was lost
The most unfortunate loss India must face in the Auroville Matrimandir has been the possibility of having the Mother’s fullest power at the service of the fulfilment of the nation’s high destiny. Without that Power the labour is infinitely more difficult and to a large extent impossible. For this special assistance the purpose of her descent as the Divine Maya had to be allowed.
          Nothing of the above can take place in the Auroville Matrimandir of mis-measure. The years of Earth and Saturn just do not exist there, where no precision is discernible except the predictable mechanics of the human ego and its legendary blind arrogance. To be even more specific, though this limited space allows for only a small portion of the content of the temple to be discussed, the further proof of Saturn’s pre-eminent role in the temple’s Axis of Light is provided by Sri Aurobindo himself, as a sort of seal and sanction from the Transcendent Divine:

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