Sanskrit, the language of the Gods, helps bridge the chasm because of its magical properties. It can be gau, the Cow, or it can be gau, the Ray, a ray of the Sun. In the Mother’s chamber the Ray is materialised as the first treasure to appear when Vishnu’s Shalagrama is churned; and, like the curdling of butter in some primordial milky miasma, forms arise of the Transcendent’s undifferentiated light (the Cow) as it enters our material world whose essence is movement, that ‘churning’ that generates forms. The chamber reveals that the first ‘form’ is the year, which is itself the Ray (Cow).
            The Chamber/Shalagrama is where Time takes possession of the vertical and its contracting power commences to organise what is undifferentiated transcendence. In this manner, over a space of 15.20m, the Axis of Light becomes the year.
            The Mother has conveyed the truth of the Mythic Age in the pure geometry of her chamber because the magical Ray is Kamadhenu, the very first ‘treasure’ that emerges from the mighty churning. The undifferentiated light/consciousness of the Transcendent, in his act of manifestation through the power of his Divine Maya, is organised (into a ray) by the power of Time. Time creates cosmos out of chaos, order of disorder. But there is Time, and there is time. There is Time of the Supramental Manifestation, and time of the lesser worlds. The proof that this is the higher manifestation is the order it brought with it as its very own language. These forms, this geometry, are the language of the Supermind: where the symbol is the thing symbolised.
            Thus, if the Cow is the Ray, we see the Eternal made manifest in Time through that Ray whose measure is our year of 365 days. For this reason in the Vedic Age the year was the foundation of the sacrifice, even as it is the form of time; and it was in the course of the 12-month year that the victory of the Aryan Warrior was achieved. It was, in fact, in a special period of the year: the tenth month, or Capricorn, Makar. This sign/month, as already mentioned in CIC 7, is India’s ruler, according to all schools of astrology.
            Therefore, the Cow/Ray is the organisation of the Light into the form of the year. She is the symbol of the undifferentiated Light, differentiated by the binding or contracting power of Time, the fashioner of Form.
            It is actually the 9-month gestation period of the Cow that makes her so especially relevant. We can therefore apply the harmony through the symbol to the human gestation – as well as a connection to the pulsations of our Sun in the Earth day of 24 hours. But let us go into the details of the Mother’s Vision regarding the correction that Sri Aurobindo predicted would take place with the appearance of Kalkiavatar. These Ten Avatars, emanations of Vishnu himself, are indeed ‘symbols’ of a process, an evolutionary process. They are representatives of certain cosmic procedures; as such, when we reach the final stages we know that everything must be made new. The ‘error’ that Kalkiavatar is to correct, according to Sri Aurobindo, is upon us. And the Mother not only confirms his prophecy but carries out the correction by re-establishing the real Vedic measure of the year. In the process, some of the salient aspects of the tradition are reinforced, such as the ancient Festival of Light. We will verify the true Vedic measure on the basis of her Vision when the luminous Globe becomes light-filled before our eyes precisely during the time when indeed the light begins its increase as the Earth plays out the harmony her axial balance allows.
            To comprehend these correspondences (see CIC7), the crucial element is to locate the correct Zero Point as the start of the wheel, or the start of the year. That is, there is a Year, and there is a year. For contemporary Hindu society, the year is no longer respectful of the Vedic harmony.

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