Its measure of 13 (Mars is the 4th planet from the Sun, its number is 4, and this 13 = 4 by the mathematics of unity) describes the conquest of mortality and the creation of a ‘new base of life’. Since the Mother herself related the 12 walls to the 12 months of the year, we know that the mystery is unravelled on the basis of these Vedic formulas, involving time’s energy and its flow throughout the 365 days of our Earth year; and that it is a cosmic process. Indeed, Mars is born of the Earth, fashioned from the ‘sweat’ of her own hard labour, the Puranas tell us. And so is the tale also told as it is written in the Mother’s chamber, when symbols are seen as the very things symbolised.
          The purpose, the divine Purpose of our planet in the total harmony of the solar system is to provide a field or laboratory where this transmutation via the evolving human species can occur. In this the transformation of Mars is crucial. Indeed, it is ‘written’ that this is the kernel of the City’s destiny: the shadow that occults this Light has to be removed, just as it is described in the Rig Veda that Vritra, the coverer of the Sun, must be slain. And this is the function of the temple. It is a cosmic process, it is an Earthly process, it is an individual process. It is the same process that is lived by the Earth’s now global civilisation: the transmutation of Mars energy from lead to gold. Or, the conquest of mortality so that the Earth can be the home of a life Divine.
          In the Vedic Age the 8
th sign/stage was known as the Eagle. Even today in schools of higher knowledge this is the figure given to the 8th sign. It indicates the victorious transmutation whereby the Scorpion is replaced by the Eagle – or Garuda, Vishnu’s own vahana or carrier. But this is a ‘symbol’ to be earned. The labour is long and hard.
          Sri Aurobindo lived the process for us. That is why his own symbol provides the support for the luminous Globe and was refashioned by the Mother exactly in accordance with his own transformation. Hidden from view he made the conquest. After which, exactly in accordance with his victory, the Mother re-fashioned that sacred symbol. The precision she utilised for this act is the same that was required for the construction of her chamber. But it is clear that knowledge had to be the foundation for that precision. Without the knowledge all the engineering precision in the world could not transcribe her Seeing into its correct forms. This has been proven by the fact that though she enlisted the help of Udar, the Ashram engineer, as she sought to transcribe that precision, she still had to record her wishes in taped conversations so that any mistakes he might have made would be corrected.
          The executing architects and the builders of the Auroville Matrimandir did not collaborate. Rather, it would seem – and this is proven by the product of their efforts itself – that their obstruction was deliberate. To those of us in MAC who experienced those early years, when everything could easily have been done to save the vision, it was evident that an obstinate perversity prevailed which can have no other explanation than a wilful defiance just to assure that nothing of this high wisdom and purpose would find its way into the Auroville Matrimandir. There seemed to be a determination that the Scorpion’s rule would remain and its stinger would continue to bring death and destruction to the human race, binding it forever to its sexuality in the service of atavism, thus remaining true to Aditi’s 8
th son of a ‘dead egg’ humanity.
          With so much at stake, not just involving the minuscule community there but the whole world, and above all India, should we be surprised that ‘forces’ were drawn in as if to a magnet (the Churning Stick), to range themselves either at the Serpent’s head with the Titans, or at the tail with the Gods for the mighty ‘churning’ of the Aquarian Age?
          The question to ask is, if this churning did take place, where are the ‘treasures’? Above all, where and what are the poisonous fumes that legend tells us first exude from Vasuki’s mouth, held so zealously by the Titans, - indeed tricked into holding by a  ruse of the Supreme, as if it was the prized position?

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