This is the formula and the way. And in this, negative as well as positive will do the bidding of Vishnu as he controls and stabilises the Axis of Light, which is that magnetic pole, in the great churning.

                     The geographical 40 long. + 30 lat.                 That same 40 + 30 measure of India in the
                        Capricorn measure of India                       70cm globe of the Capricorn Festival of Light

From The New Way, Vols. 1 & 2,
pp. 154 and 219, Aeon Books, 1981

          MAC serves this high truth. It has come into existence to assure that the reign of the shadow comes to an end and the Divine Maya is restored. The vertical alignment of the Chamber, with the symbol-ray playing upon the Globe, is the crucial piece in the design; according to the Mother, ‘[It] is the symbol of the future realisation.’ Therefore, everything that the Globe stands for has been attacked relentlessly by powers that oppose the victory of this knowledge and truth.

The ‘year’ of Saturn, ruler of India, in the Mother’s chamber
The year of 365 days ends at the top of the pedestal, and with it the visible Ray. The pedestal serves to legitimise and support the Globe – the only luminous object in the entire chamber. The legitimacy resides in the measure of time for the Earth, her own harmony within the solar system which the height of the pedestal establishes. Thus, to those 15.20m (365 days) we must now add the 50cm of the pedestal’s vertical measurement. On this basis the Axis of Light, or the chamber’s vertical shaft, measures 15.20m plus 50cm. The pedestal must be accommodated in this manner if the integrality of the supramental gnosis and its harmonies are to be respected.
          To prove the point, earlier we discussed the first law of the harmony, one day for one year. Applying this law means that those 365 days are also 365 years when we use the same measuring rod. The Zero Point for the year/ray would be 1584 since it is the first 9-power year (1+5+8+4=18=9) after the adoption of the universal calendar used throughout the world (1582). Thus, 365 years measured from the Ray’s entry into the chamber, reveals that as the organised shaft of light descends, it reaches Sri Aurobindo’s symbol in the pedestal at the end of the visible Ray, 365 years later, in the year equivalent of 1949/50.

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