Lesser considerations intervened, conspiracies to derail the civilisation unfolded; indeed, successful attempts to sever the age-old connection with the true marriage of time and space and an embracing of the real and not illusory destiny of this land of the sacred Cow.
          India lost the Divine Measure completely centuries ago. The Mother’s inner chamber, according to her original, restores that measure; and by so doing, in the process she restores India as centre-soul of the Earth. Presently there is a ‘void’ at the heart. India is not fulfilling her role; she cannot do so under the present circumstances, - that is, until the Divine Measure is restored.
          This is the dilemma represented in the Auroville Matrimandir by the emptiness we find in place of the Fullness at the Core. Inasmuch as the highest stakes are involved for India and the world, is it any wonder that ‘forces’ would seek the destruction of that Vision?
          But this is the SUPRAMENTAL Manifestation, and its essential nature is the victory of the supramental Gnosis. It descends with its inbuilt protection by virtue of the fact that as time moves on, only the truth of that Golden Seed can manifest. And as it grows and its light increases, like a magnet it draws to itself whatever is required, positive AND negative, to fulfil its design.
          This is the law: all, negative and positive serve the divine Purpose of the One. There is no escape possible because none can arrest the movement forward of the magical carousel that Time powers. None can get off the carousel. All, even the negative, even the Shadow, have served and continue to serve its central Purpose. Our only option is the choice we have to serve Vishnu through the Gods or through the Titans in the mighty ‘churning’ of our times. Let us proceed with this background to demonstrate how the Laws of Equivalence and Correspondence operate through the Mother’s true chamber-core to complete the churning of our Age.

Geocosmology in the Chamber; Capricorn above and below
In the higher vision the landmass of Akhand Bharat covers exactly 40 degrees of longitude (the vertical) and 30 degrees of latitude (the horizontal), as the Capricorn hieroglyph superimposed on the Indian landmass reveals (below). This is the measure of India. And if we lay the year on the descending Ray with the correct 0 point for the Chamber, 15 degrees Capricorn, we move down the Ray and when we reach the Globe at 14.65m of the 15.20m of the Ray, in time according to our universal calendar, we find that the December Solstice ‘occurs’ at the top of the light-filled globe and the entire period of the Festival of Light falls within the visible light of the globe. And that this globe is at the same time the total landmass of Akhand Bharat helps us understand why this period, the shortest day of the year and the beginning of the increase of the light, has always been so sacred on the subcontinent.

          This is the true Vedic Makar Sankranti – the gateway to Capricorn in the tropical zodiac and the shortest day of the year. The two cannot be separated, shortest day/Capricorn entry, as is done by the so-called Vedic Astrologers in India, which they force us to believe is ‘science’ and ‘accuracy’. Some centuries ago wisemen and pundits lost sight of what they were measuring when otherworldliness took hold and the Earth’s own harmony was abandoned in favour of the Beyond (in this case typified in the constellations instead of the boundaries of our solar system as defined by the tropical zodiac). This marked the beginning of India’s dark age. Invasions followed and a progressive darkening of the light, like an ominous and seemingly unending eclipse. To restore that sacred harmony the Mother took birth.[1]
          This is the necessity of her Chamber. This is the contest that must be won, the channel through which India will once again take her place as the magnetic pole of the Earth and from that centremost point affect the destiny of every nation on Earth.

[1]  The Mother used the universal metric system in her plan. It is to be noted that the official ‘meter’ is on display in Paris, France, where the Mother was born.

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