A study of his own horoscope reveals that Saturn’s position at the time of his birth is equivalent to the top of the pedestal: 15 degrees of Capricorn, the peak of the Capricorn ‘mountain’. And this is the very degree where the chamber’s year begins and ends in the shaft. In other words, since Sri Aurobindo’s natal Saturn lies at 15 degrees in his horoscope, and the pedestal indicates both 15 degrees Capricorn, as well as 1950, based on the Vedic formula ‘one day for one year’, we have to admit that the time of his ‘mystery sleep’ has been ‘written’ in the temple by the Mother herself as his Divine Maya, in the language known, but long forgotten on the subcontinent, to the greatest of Vedic Rishis.

          Since none of this came into being in the Auroville Matrimandir and time, gnostic or otherwise, was left in complete disarray, is it any wonder that there are a dozen or more calendars in use in India, and dozens of almanacs, and dozens of 0 points (ayanamshas)? In other words, it is a veritable Babel, - in contrast to the true purpose of a calendar which is to unify society and bring it within the most enlightened harmony possible? [2]
          Is it any wonder that the sacred and auspicious Makar Sankranti (Pongal) is celebrated 23 days AFTER the shortest day of the year, delinking it entirely from Capricorn and its ruling planet, Saturn? Is it any wonder that the Festival of Light, which is supposed to mark the period of the Light’s increase and continue thereafter until 15 degrees Capricorn is reached, is celebrated 23 days after its true starting point, making no sense at all, gnostic or otherwise?

Aditi’s 8th ‘son’ and the Pedestal
A special, unique alchemy occurs in the Vesica pedestal. It involves Mars and the 8
th of Aditi’s 12 sons. He is known as Martanda. In the course of the journey of the year (of 12 months – 12 facets of the chamber), the Aryan Warrior secures a victory. Martanda is connected to the 8th stage of that journey, or ‘sacrifice’, as it is known in the Veda. Martanda, legend tells us, is the progenitor of the human race. But if we look more closely we observe that a clue is given in his very name, ‘the dead egg’. In the zodiac this meaning is reinforced because the 8th month is Scorpio, the sign of sexuality and death, the sign expressing the implanted atavistic ‘purpose’ of the race of mortals. Indeed, science now confirms this connection because molecular biology informs us that sex and mortality go hand in hand: this was the ‘choice’ for reproduction the species made in the course of its evolution.
          When the full initiation takes place of the Knowledge the Mother captured in her temple, a very deep level of the labour the human species carries out is made clear by the correct addition of the pedestal. For it is there, in those hidden recesses, that the great rahasya is found. This is the transmutation of Mars, or what the energy of Mars signifies in the harmony of the 9 planets plus the Sun. Indeed, the 12-month journey is nothing other than a description of the field for the transformation of mortality to immortality. Martanda, Aditi’s ‘dead egg’ Scorpio son, has to be transformed, transmuted, and the light trapped within the cave has to be released so that the journey is completed victoriously and not arrested at the 8th stage of death.

[2] The problem has been noted by the Calendar Reform Committee during discussions after Independence on which calendar to adopt, the Nirayana system based on the Constellations or the Tropical (Sayana) method, as in the Mother’s chamber: ‘In continuing to follow the Nirayana system, the Hindu calendar makers are under delusion that they are following the path of Dharma. They are actually committing the whole Hindu society to Adharma.’  

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