It must be continued through the full twelve, after the victory has been won in the 10th, or Capricorn. This is the sign traditionally known as the exaltation of Mars, where Mars reveals its highest attributes, where the lowly symbol of the 8th sign, the scorpion, is transformed into the Eagle, Vishnu’s own vahana, or carrier. All of this is the subject of the Mother’s magnificent gift to humanity, even as it is the subject of Savitri, the Avatar’s epic for this new age. There the Book of Death is indeed the 8th, while Death is conquered in the 10th. In between lies the 9th, the sign of the Horse.
          Our zodiac starts with Aries, of fire quality. This very first sign, Agni in the Veda, is ruled by Mars. Thus our own 12-month yearly ‘journey’ begins on this note that then resonates throughout the year. All the stages must be passed, just like the Aryan Warrior did, where that same energy is finally used to conquer Death. It must pass through, or be the propelling power of the Warrior to accomplish his/her noble task. But the difficult portion of the journey, where all is lost or all is gained, is precisely during the 8
th month passage through the sign of Death, - the 8th Book of Death where Satyavan succumbs to the ‘sting of death’ that the Scorpion signifies.
          The Horse-symbol enters the scheme of things at this point in our revelations on the Mother’s chamber. India lost the ability to deal with this energy when the Divine Maya was lost and the correct Zero Point, or the starting point of this Mars journey, began to lose focus as otherworldliness took the place of this Earth-oriented transformation. The Earth was abandoned as the home of the Immortals. Passage through the 8
th sign/month could not be lived in this material dimension, but only in heavens of different varieties after death, in the Beyond. And with the loss of this grounding in material creation the Horse also receded because it is joined to the Cow in that it densifies her Light by virtue of speed, the movement that generates form. In the Brihadaranyaka Upanishad the opening verses describe the entire universe in the form of a Horse, of whom it is said that ‘Time is the Self of the Horse sacrificial.’ This is the energy, the fuel that propels us on our journey upward to the Capricorn mountaintop, the energy of the Hero.
          Mars is that traditional vir power, the hero energy that conquers precisely the ‘sting’ of the Scorpion. This is the God of War, Siva’s son Kartikeya, of whom it is written that when, as a child, he conquered the mighty Tarakasura in a battle that was the mother of all battles, ‘It is Siva himself who stands before you in the form of his son.’ And this too is written in the Mother’s chamber in the pedestal that describes the birth of Mars, the victorious Incarnate Will.
          With otherworldliness foremost in all yogic quests, the Horse lost its proper place in the pantheon and symbology of the Veda and only the undifferentiated transcendent Light (the Cow) could be tolerated, accepted, dealt with in the course of yoga. And so the situation remains till today.
          This is a denial of all that the Horse stands for; it is a denial of material creation itself; it is to deny the Son’s victory, which lies at the root of all our contemporary problems, expressed in the image that has shaped human perception for over 2000 years: a crucified Son. He may well have resurrected, but his victory was only in heaven, not of this Earth. In a complete cosmic aberration, the Transcendent Father was denied his Immanence through his Son, who is ‘Siva Himself’. Indian realisers followed suit by an equal denial of material creation, calling it ‘illusion’. But the Tradition holds that this Son is not crucified but victorious; and he rides the national bird of victory, the Peacock.
          That ‘light’ becomes the conquering energy in the chamber’s pedestal when the correct measurements are respected in the proper axial balance. The organised light that is the year, first ‘form’ of the Churning, reaches the Pedestal at the proper moment for the Avatar’s process of transmutation to begin, 1950.

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