Chronicles of the Inner Chamber


8 – The Vedic Cow and Horse
         in the Mother’s Chamber

 ‘The letter lived on when the spirit was forgotten;
the symbol, the body of the doctrine, remained but the
soul of knowledge had fled from its coverings.’

Sri Aurobindo
The Secret of the Veda

Both Cow and Horse were mighty symbols in the Vedic Age. So powerful was the vision of the Rishis in this regard that at least one of these symbol-creatures continues to be revered by contemporary Hindu society. But what happened to the Horse? This is a tale to be told because it describes the essence of the transformation that must be achieved through the Mother’s Vision. For it is the Mother’s chamber that re-establishes the Horse on a par with the Cow when both become, before our eyes, symbols of the thing symbolised. In the process, the ancient Veda is restored, renewed for our times in the midst of our contemporary society. The Word may be eternal; but to be truly a Vedic experience it must express the harmony of today’s Becoming. This is what the Mother’s Vision accomplishes, and this is why Time is her instrument in the chamber.
          In Chronicle 7, movement was added to the Vision by the addition of the Vertical. What was static has been made dynamic. This is the Churning of the Ocean tale brought alive before seekers as they see the Axis of Light to be the (vertical) churning stick, while the milky ocean is the horizontal plane. Time is the serpent Vasuki who sets that axis-stick in motion. And thus does the ‘year’ churn out the treasures, first of which is Kamadhenu, the Vedic Cow of Plenty.
          In this brief paragraph we have moved from the Vedic Age to the Mythic, but always the Cow remains the sacred symbol. What then is the property of this legendary creature that has made it endure for so long? The answer lies in the ‘symbol’ being the thing symbolised; but it is in the Mother’s chamber that the Cow is really exalted to reach the sublime pinnacle where there is indeed no separation between symbol and what it ‘stands’ for. It is Time that erases the line between the two, whose form is the year, the Veda tell us.

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