1963 was the year of the miraculous return (1/963 – the numbers of the original equation); 13 years thereafter, 1976, or another Pedestal count, the veils were drawn aside and the ‘masked Transcendent mounted his throne’ as the Immanent of himself – or the compressed ‘seed’ of Transcendent (9), Cosmic (6) and Individual (3) – thereby imprinting in the evolutionary matrix, by the aid of Time, the greatest mystery of creation, the Trinity and the Law of Three – the first time in a cycle of at least 25,920 years that this complete imprinting has taken place.
          To have tampered with the design in this most sacred element of the Mother’s Vision is to have denied the truth of the Supramental Manifestation and the entire purpose of Sri Aurobindo’s ‘riddle sleep’. This design is not the invention of MAC or anyone other than the Mother herself. But when the veils are lifted as we have done in these Chronicles, none can deny what the symbols reveal. All things are made new with this new Seeing, this new perceptive capacity that Supermind has brought to the world. For that is the purpose of the descent of the Temple where the details of the coming are written. There are vested interests to contend with, those who must at all costs keep this great Secret forever sealed. With this in mind, what can be ‘read’ in the Auroville centrepiece? What sense can be made of its see-through wrought iron stand holding an empty, transparent and dark crystal, nothing of which was ‘seen’ by the Mother? What ‘message’ does it give to the world?

Matrimandir Action Committee
Festival of Light, 2003-4

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