Such being the case, the inner diameter or horizontal axis would be 23.20m. Whether or not this is the actual diameter of the constructed temple remains to be seen. Probably only a court order for the appointment of a commission to measure the inner chamber would permit the truth to be revealed. Nonetheless, let us take Lohman’s word as fact, given his position in the team, and reveal some remarkable features of the Mother’s Vision in that by ‘measuring up’ to her plan we can know the exact place of the Ignorance as well as the Knowledge in the context of our evolving world. This then will be the best means to demonstrate the very special attributes of the Supermind when the formula is made manifest and operative in the world.
          With an actual 23.20m diameter it is possible to prove, moreover, that the present Matrimandir is constructed in the image of mortal man, in orbit of a void, or the ego in place of the soul. The soul as centre is defined by the Mother’s original plan – the ideal toward which we evolve. In the meantime we must somehow manage to pass through this transitional level and emerge intact, bearing the burden of all that this entails in that we must make this a conscious transition, not a passage in ignorance as in former times before the full manifestation of the Supermind.
          However, let it be understood that this is an evolutionary process. All the players in the field of this emerging cosmos, both light and dark, or positive and negative, represent the human condition at its present stage. In this way the cementing of the 23.20m floor diameter is perfectly as it should be to complete the mosaic; or to determine irrefutably that the Auroville Matrimandir is a hymn to the old mortal creation that is on its way to extinction.

The Cult of 23
23.20 will be recognised in various connected areas as a singular determining factor. To begin, we see this number reflected in the tilt or axial alignment of the Earth herself. Presently that axial inclination stands at 23 degrees, 26 minutes, 20 seconds of celestial longitude, almost exactly the diameter of the Auroville chamber, according to Lohman.
          In the Mother’s chamber her own symbol provides the sense and purpose of the design; and it is located only in the horizontal plane of the room. This reveals, among other factors, that the circle of 12 must provide the answers we seek in the Vision. Further, that symbol has a fourfold division of the 12 (Twashtri’s Bowl of the Rig Veda), the four cardinal points or directions which when translated into our year of twelve months are the Equinoxes and Solstices.
          For those who need to have some basics of astronomy refreshed in order to better follow this discussion, the 24-hour day of equal measure (12 of daylight and 12 of night time), are the Equinoxes (March 21/22 and September 21/22 each year); and the Solstices occur when, due to the Earth’s axial tilt the day is shortened and the nights lengthened in the northern hemisphere, until at the 21st December Solstice, the farthest reaches of the tilt are met and the ‘light’ begins to increase. That is, the days begin to lengthen for the northern hemisphere. Hence, for as long as we have memory, this special date has been the most sacred because it marks the beginning of the legendary Festival of Light in honour of this Earth experience of increase. Christians later adopted this date into their worship as the birth of the Christ Child because of its traditional importance. The Mother herself continued to honour this special period not as Christmas but openly as the Festival of Light. Astronomically its importance is revealed in that perihelion occurs during the days of the Festival, the Earth’s annual closest approach to the Sun.
          On this special Festival hinges the most profound Vedic seeing because the zodiacal fourth cardinal point of the December Solstice corresponds to the tenth sign/month, Capricorn. It is the traditional Cosmic Midday, or the Sun’s highest position in the cosmic and earthly year – thus casting no shadows. Further on we shall discuss even more recondite aspects of this Earth alignment.

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