Thus, the reinstatement of the Mother’s true Vedic seeing is fought against at every step of the way by a dying world, a world that is desperately attempting to suppress the inevitable rise of the new way. And in Auroville the result of this struggle is self-evident. The old has been victorious. The symbol at the centre of the township is, we repeat, a hymn to mortality and the disintegrating old consciousness-being.
          But the victory of the old consciousness is only apparent, not actual. When a new model of the universe such as the Mother’s Vision is made available to seekers, nothing stands OUTSIDE the newly integrated cosmos. The moment that she rent the veils allowing the Vision to descend into our world of time and space, the fate of the Earth was sealed. The ‘birth’ then took place to fill the Void. The binary mortal creation could continue resisting in order to preserve itself, but it could do so only NEGATIVELY.  That has been its only available ‘choice’: to serve the Divine Mother positively or via the negative. By building the inner chamber ‘in man’s image’, the choice of the negative instrumentation is exposed.
          How does this work? As demonstrated earlier, the mortal creation is legitimised only on the basis of measuring it up to the Mother’s Vision, the Divine Maya. The members of such a community are thus confronted with the same choice the architect made for the entire community several decades ago and reinforced time and again: the Mother’s luminous vision of Fullness, or the dazzling physical construction as a negative model, a constant reminder of who we are, our alluring sexuality with its consequent mortality, and our divisive, separative consciousness displayed before the world.
          Let it be known, however, that in such matters individuals are incapable of arresting the evolution of the species to a higher poise. The individual has but one choice: negative or positive. The new way is spherical and whole and each thing is in its place, negative AND positive. All serve the purposes of the One.
          There is no question of compromise in this new world. There is simply the realisation of ‘each thing in its rightful place’ within the circular wholeness of gnostic time. Compromise is the old way of seeking solutions to preserve the reign of falsehood. Such linear processes inevitably result in collapse; and from that point of disintegration one seeks to rebuild, to ‘begin again, again, again’, as the Mother warned (17.1.1970). This is the fate of Auroville today. Owned as it is by an elected government, spherical processes are impossible. Rule is enforced because there is no infrastructure for a higher process. The entire exercise is determined by what stands at the heart of the project. Being what it is, the ownership by the Government of India makes the Mother’s warning prophetic. One can only ‘begin again’.
          But is that to be a repetition of the same cacophony? That is, a beguiling darkness in the core, at the outset once again? If so the same fate will ensue – and then another beginning. But given the condition of the world there is no ‘time’ left. And India has reached the outer rim of her time. One more step and the Dharma will exceed this temporal/spatial boundary of 23 and the ancient civilisation will definitively step over the edge of Time and into the cosmic abyss. She carries the whole Earth with her in this moment of truth because she holds the secrets of the soul in her bosom.

The Great Secret

The ‘symbol of the future realisation’, as the Mother described the core of her temple’s inner chamber, not only speaks of the things to come but carries us to a past now almost totally forgotten. Hints of this ancient realisation are found in the Rig Veda and we will discuss these key passages further on along with Sri Aurobindo’s commentaries.
          There are two measures in the Chamber which together form the axial balance of the room. One is horizontal – the measure of 12; the other is the vertical whose measure is 9.

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