The horizontal is the space measure, while the vertical is the time measure. This is confirmed by the Knowledge in that the time factor and its relevant equations or formulas are found in the vertical shaft of Light, the descending Ray playing upon the Globe. From these Chronicles we also know that in time the Globe ‘contains’ the measure (days) of the Festival of Light – i.e., the December Solstice from 21-22 December to 5 January. From that point to the end of the year there are an exact 360 days, the degrees of a circle. Therefore, the first five days of the year which close the Festival and have been considered ‘out of the calendar’; are the most sacred days of the Festival of Light, its culmination in fact – they are thus the five degrees/days of the Chamber. [7]
            We note that the complete period of the Festival of Light is 15 days – and this reveals again the importance of our 9+6=15 Shruti and the 15-step entry into the Chamber, as described in Chronicle 3. That the Globe contains this number of days is another wonder of the Mother’s Vision; while 15cm of that luminous 70cm Globe which is representative of all that the Festival of Light stands for, are in turn ‘hidden’ in the Pedestal.

            Let us penetrate more deeply into the significance of the Festival of Light and the process carried out in these Chronicles, for 9 have been completed so far. These 9 tones or notes (or Chronicles) are time’s pulsation, similar to the 9 pulsations of our Sun in an Earth day of 24 hours (one pulsation every 2 hours and 40 minutes). Each ‘tone’ has contributed its particular resonance to the process MAC is developing through these Chronicles; each one represented a ‘peeling off’ of the veils covering the true Vision, those obscuring veils that have withheld the Mother’s light from sincere seekers. But once the 9 ‘tones’ are struck – in this case the 9 Chronicles – something important, fundamental occurs. The true seeker of the Supramental Light experiences the fullest extent of an inward thrust: contraction has reached its extreme and compels this plunge. Carried into those innermost, deepest recesses of Being by a supreme concentration of power – just as the Mother anticipated her chamber would induce – the aspirant finds the sacred passageway by which the 9 becomes the 10.
            It is at this point that the power of contraction (9 or the vertical time measure) whips the consciousness around itself and what has been contracting in the vertical is joined to the horizontal at the 10th level of space. In the passage of the year this would be the 10th month of Capricorn (the count starts with Aries, the first sign, at the March Equinox). In this manner, by living the experience within our very own beings, the 9 has become the 10 and time and space are integrated. This is the operation that the Core of the Mother’s Vision describes and for which reason it ‘contains’ the 15 days of the Festival of Light since it is in that particular period of the 12-month year that this fundamental reversal takes place and one is allowed access to a dimension otherwise sealed off like a great pyramid of impenetrable stone.
            This is the hidden message in the 15 step rise into the Chamber from below, which corresponds perfectly with the entrance into the Great Pyramid (see CIC 6), as well as the initiation of the Festival of Light: the 9 becomes the 10.
            We have revealed in these passages the profound significance of Bhisma’s choice of the December Solstice for his passing, or the shortest day of the year. No other day would allow access to that sacred dimension through the severe contraction that is death. It is a passage that must be undertaken consciously, similar to Sri Aurobindo’s own passing, when he too lived the process of the 9 becoming the 10. We have been told that Sri Aurobindo periodically came out of his ‘coma’, to ask the time. Clearly the right moment had to be honoured for a conscious passage. As the 9
th of the Dasavatars, he returned in a direct line of time as the 10th, thus confirming a tradition of many thousands of years: the 9 becomes the 10.

[7] See The Unifying Language www.matacom.com.

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