One by one we have done away with the disfiguring coverings and we have brought the Divine Motherís light to bear in all those dark crevices encountered in our journey into the heart of her remarkable Vision. Thus, we are now ready to enter the Chamber as a living experience.
          What does this mean? How can all this ‘come alive’? For until now these have been just numbers; the measurements are just abstract figures. None of this is yet vibrant, living.

          Our journey through the 9 Chronicles allowed us to be born into that cosmos just as the human gestation follows a rhythm of 9 as well. We also are ‘born’ with this passage of 9; but it is not the much-touted liberation from the substance of material creation which seekers are encouraged to experience as a prison. We enter the Cosmic Womb of the Divine Mother through this process, this cleansing, after having shed the encumbrances described in those previous 9 Chronicles – the ‘things men do’, in the Mother’s words. Henceforth we will listen to the harmony; we will see/hear the music of the cosmos that is only rendered audible through the Mother’s unparalleled Act of Measuring. But after the labour of 9 those measures will come alive, they will be born as living things just as the Mother described regarding the numbers she organised in her remarkable experience in the ‘creative plane of the physical’, reported in Chronicle 9.
          Shri V. Ganapathy Stapathy, heir to a 1000 year-old tradition of temple builders in India, has recently spoken of sacred architecture as ‘frozen music’. Indeed, a Hindu temple strives to embody that sublime truth always. But dynamics is the key. Not ‘frozen’ as such but moving, like a carousel which so accurately typifies the Mother’s Vision. She has revealed the way to these dynamics. For to be a true Supramental Creation abstraction and its companion speculation have to give way to the living truth. That LIVING truth implies movement: the truth of that which moves, for movement is the essence of the cosmic manifestation. As instruments for the becoming of that truth in its unfolding superb harmonies, we are privileged to be born on this third planet from the Sun. We are privileged to bear witness to the manifestation of the Mother’s cosmic principle, as it has never before descended on Earth.

The Chamber
ís Own Shruti
We approach the Chamber by a rise through the floor. The measure of this stairway is 15. This would be our Shruti. This is the tone that hones our consciousness-being as we move upward and into the sacred space of the Inner Chamber. It is not
just 15. For this 15 to come alive in our perception, we must ‘see’ it as 9 + 6 = 15. And for the 9 + 6 in its turn to come alive we must perceive, through that special ‘heard vision’, these numbers to be the number-powers of embodied Sri Aurobindo (9) and the Mother (6), respectively; that is, Sri Aurobindo and the Mother born in Earth time, 1872 = 9, 1878 = 6. With the formula at the heart of Sri Aurobindo’s symbol of 9-6-3 petals-leaves, we can begin to apply the measure with Supermind organised for the Earth in such a way that there is no longer room for abstraction and speculation. We know the LIVING truth of the sacred things as they are born in Time. In this manner, Becoming is integrated with Being.
          This 9+6=15 Shruti resonates throughout the Chamber. It is the upholding sound of silence of our experience, collective and individual. This means that it is provided by Sri Aurobindo and the Mother as divine Principles whose yoga in Earth time, based on their embodiment of the 9 and the 6 number-powers, made it possible for this perfect form from the Truth-Consciousness to descend on Earth.

[1] See The New Way, Volumes 1 & 2, Aeon Books, 1981, for a detailed discussion of the applied Laws and the Solar Line of 9,6,3.

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