A hospitable softness drew her in
Into a wonder of miraculous depths,
Above her closed a darkness of great wings
And she was buried in a mother’s breast.

          A pedestal of height 50cm adds 13 days/years to the solar Ray’s measure of the tropical year of 365 days. This results in 378 days (or 378 years). Saturn is the overseeing planet in the equation, fittingly honoured by the Mother in that 378 days is precisely the synodic ‘year’ of Saturn. And so, however we analyse the numbers and diagrams/designs, we ‘see’ Saturn; we ‘see’ 9/5/1; we ‘see’ 1950; we ‘see’ Sri Aurobindo’s passing; and we ‘see’ his return 13 years thereafter – the exact base of the Pedestal minus 9 days. That is, 26 November or Immortality Day, the precise mid-point between 17 November (the Mother’s passings) and 5 December (Sri Aurobindo’s). 26 November was named Immortality Day long before either event took place. It was a prophecy based on the Supramental trikaladrishti – the seeing of the three times, past, present, future. Already in 1926 the date was rendered sacred. It was actualised decades later when Sri Aurobindo would return on that date precisely on the basis of the supramental formula contained in the Pedestal of the Chamber where that formula is immortalised in stone. It is written that the 9th of the Puranic line becomes Kalki, the 10th thus completing the Line and fulfilling all the prophecies in an impeccable Vedic manner.
          This is the most profound record of a reincarnation process known to the Earth since humankind began to ponder the mysterious workings of the Cosmic Divine. It makes all such records, the Tibetan included, appear elementary and lacking in depth, connectedness and precision, a precision which only the Supermind can bring. Therefore he is the Supramental Avatar of the Age of the Supermind.


1963 falls at the base.

The Pedestal

          The Avatar’s Lotus at the heart of Sri Aurobindo’s symbol is another example of trikaladrishti. From the earliest days of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother’s joint mission the sacred-most formula of Supermind’s manifestation on Earth was encoded. Thus, the formula too was already known even before it was fulfilled in Earth time and revealed. Below is a reproduction of the Symbol as revised by the Mother on 6 May 1964, precisely six months after Sri Aurobindo had indeed ‘remade’ himself. (A second official drawing was issued an exact 9 years and 3 days later, 9.5.1973, giving more details of the proportions and the precise petals, leaves and waves.)

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