The new symbol with respect to the old discloses the supramental process he experienced during those occulted 13 years. The same revelation is ‘written in the temple’, in the sacred Pedestal where this symbol is found.[8]


The official symbol


Vertical and horizontal in the Avatar’s Lotus
Perhaps the most recondite revelation in the Symbol is its vertical and horizontal properties. If one did not know the action of Supermind that utilises precisely these cosmic directions, this distinguishing feature of Sri Aurobindo’s symbol would go unnoticed. But it is obvious once the veils are removed via the lived experience in Earth time.
          To help the seeker understand it must be borne in mind that the single most essential characteristic of Supermind is dynamism. This is what it brings to creation, and because of which it can divinise the Earth according to its ‘formula’. Sri Aurobindo made this abundantly clear in his numerous letters to disciples. And to ‘see’ this dynamism, to remove abstraction from the exercise, we need to set the formula rolling as it were. We need to add the ingredient of motion. This is accomplished with the aid of Time – for which reason Sri Aurobindo listed Time as the fourth and final aid in the yoga (see The Synthesis of Yoga, Part I, ‘The Four Aids’), without which the others would be ineffective.
          In our work with numbers, we must also bring them alive and we do so by adding the same ingredient – motion; and the same aid – Time. The numbers are then ‘living things’, as the Mother reported of her experience on 5.2.1969. By the same process we can bring alive Sri Aurobindo’s symbol so that with Time’s aid its details suddenly spring to life, full of meaning and purpose and dynamism, - above all the dynamics of Supermind’s formula for divinising the Earth.
          In the official drawing the Mother has designed the Lotus by a descending series of petals: 9 and 6 in number; and then there are 3 leaves resting on the waters. To be noted is that the 9 and 6 petals are joined. The leaves, three in number, are set apart. And so it has been: the 9 and the 6, Sri Aurobindo and the Mother, were joint members of the Solar Line. The Third is set apart (in time and space). The formula is applied as follows:

8] In the first editions of Sri Aurobindo’s centenary collection, printed at the Sri Aurobindo Ashram Press in Pondicherry, his symbol is drawn incorrectly. There are SEVEN petals instead of six. The problem was later corrected when the mistake was pointed out by MAC’s convenor.

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