The 9+6=15 descent of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother is meant to bring about the correction in all these correlated mis-measures which Destiny demands at this time. In this new age, we repeat, the passage has to be conscious; that is, grounded in Knowledge, the knowing of each thing in its rightful place. This does not mean, as the Troika formula would have us believe, that only those individuals ‘chosen’ to build the temple can make the difference by themselves becoming those conscious instruments. Conscious of what?[6]

From the Core of the World
The manner in which we align society to the cosmos is not by inventing atomic clocks and all the rest of the paraphernalia to measure the day of 24 hours. The ancients knew that a society that lives in harmony with the cosmos – in our terms it would be a planetary society – has to have its ‘clock’ set according to the greater cosmos; or, the Cosmic Truth. Thus, the first step was to find the Earth’s own truth and place within the solar system; and this could be done only by means of the Capricorn/ December Solstice, the shortest day of the year in the northern hemisphere. Because of the special place and function of this tenth sign it has been called ‘the Name of God’ by traditions across the globe. Truly this sign, ruler of India, contains the knowledge of all things sacred of the Earth and of the Cosmos. It is the passageway to the realm of the Infinite and the Eternal, a truth preserved for us in the Mahabharat since Bhisma chose this day to embark upon his passage to the higher realm.

          Once the December Solstice is established and Earth clocks are set to its harmony, the next task is to somehow bring that zero point into alignment with the greater harmony of the cosmos. This is the act of integration: 360 degrees must become 365 days. The 5 days over the 360 are the ‘Kali Constant’, 432,000 degrees of celestial longitude and not YEARS as promulgated by the post-Vedic astrologers in India – i.e., 24 x 60 x 60
x 5 = 432,000 (see The Unifying Language, www.matatacom.com)

The Lost Realisation

The Mother incarnated to arrest the decline and reinstate the Divine Measure. The problem is that across the centuries vested interests became established in support of the different erroneous measurements, similar to the vested interests that now guard the Auroville mis-measure. Thus, to do this rectification work is now a labour of truly cosmic proportions. Opposition arises from most unexpected quarters, in one’s own house, so to speak.
          In ancient times the collective yoga was centred on the Makar Sankranti to keep the alignment alive and functional for the civilisation. But with the failure to keep the REALISATION alive which provided the consciousness-alignment as a prerequisite to the greater harmonisation and integration, a slow and steady degeneration set in: the December Solstice itself became the subject of the divisive consciousness that was soon to overtake the entire globe. This occurred when ‘science’ stepped into the fray and began dictating terms. It was science as a distinct and ‘unsuperstitious’ entity that was going to save humanity from decay and total collapse into irredeemable ignorance. This has been the mantra of Indian civilisation for the past 2000 years, during which time the key to linking the Earth measure to the cosmic clock was lost, or became only a distant memory.
          We live today in a world suffering from the acute disease engendered by this great loss. And yet we continue to call ourselves ‘Vedic’. The truth is that everything we see around us is the result of the loss of the ancient Vedic formulas. For example, the Laws of Equivalence and Correspondence can no longer operate for a society that has missed its alignment with the Cosmic Clock.

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