But when the horizontal and vertical are not perfectly aligned, there is this ‘tilt’ and hence shadows are formed. In this context the Auroville Matrimandir has also been referred to by MAC as the Shadow Temple because it does indeed cast shadows. 23.20 is one part of that configuration; and we see that it is descriptive of the planet’s own axial tilt.
          All is perfectly as it should be. The Shadow is made comprehensible by the Light, and by this we verify just how much distance (in time) needs to be crossed before perfect alignment occurs. Moreover, this discrepancy between the tilt and the perfect alignment describes our passage to the new supramental species. In symbols it is therefore this  to this. Tradition can again confirm that the Earth is the place destined for this higher evolutionary process in that the astronomical symbol of the third planet from the Sun is. It was carried over into astronomy from the ancient tradition of astrology.[2]
          But before reaching that new balance we realise that our present transitional stage is best represented by the off-centre alignment , just as the Auroville Matrimandir perfectly represents the old mortal creation. Our civilisation, which some among us feel is in an irrevocable state of collapse, is thus strung up on this off-centre cross, indicating a fatal lack of a higher alignment that casts no shadows. And further, Capricorn, that Earth and Cosmic period of the year which, precisely, casts no shadows, is not only the zodiacal ruler of India but is also known as the soul of the Earth. More significantly, it is the time period of victorious Mars, the Mother’s triumphant and not crucified Son.

The Tropics of  Cancer and Capricorn

The axial tilt also defines the ‘farthest reaches’ of Sri Aurobindo’s own descent. Due to the Earth’s axis alignment the apparent journey of the Sun north of the equator ends at 23 degrees 26 minutes. It is the outer ‘rim’ known as the Tropic of Cancer because the Sun’s position at that northern rim when it appears to stand still (from sistere, to stand still), would be the gateway into the zodiacal sign Cancer. In Earth latitude on that particular ‘rim’ we find Calcutta (now Kolkata), where Sri Aurobindo took birth, 22N34. This corresponds in the calendar to the 21
st June Solstice.
          It may not be recognised at first glance that the Mother’s chamber speaks to us of the Earth’s geographical properties and her position in the solar system and rapport with the Sun; but the Vedic Laws of Correspondence are the means to uncover these more recondite aspects of her Vision; and while this study helps us understand much about the Supramental Manifestation, it also uncovers the fact that the Mother’s original plan is the sole example of a renaissance of the ancient Vedic art of temple building – as well as of those special Laws themselves. We have no other contemporary proof that such Laws did exist; and, if so, that they are being applied today. For all practical purposes, without the Mother’s Vision and its Knowledge content as described in these Chronicles, it is a dead tradition: rituals without living and applicable truth. This is the origin and definition of superstition.
          One of the purposes of the periodic descent of the Evolutionary Avatars of Vishnu is the fundamental task of refocusing the time-lens, so to speak. This becomes necessary because it is the correct perception of Time that grants legitimacy and, above all, applicability to the sacred.

2] See The Unifying Language at our website: www.matacom.com for a discussion on Leonardo’s revelations concerning the cross and the circle. In the language of pure geometric symbols, the Auroville Matrimandir is the Square of Leonardo’s famous Vitruvius Man as discussed in that paper; the Mother’s original chamber plan is Man in the Circle. 

[3] See The New Way, Vol. 2, Chapter 8, ‘The Place of Birth and the Place of Realisation’, Aeon Books, 1981

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