And that was the very first step in the factual application of the Supramental formulas for the Earth. This operation is achieved through the allegiance of gnostic time. That is, a superior formula is applied to the evolutionary process and in this manner the tapasya bears an imprinting power. A temple so envisioned thus bears the living essence of these two number-powers who are embodied in Sri Aurobindo and the Mother. The soul-power of the structure arises from this solid foundation.
          We see this foundation of 9+6=15 in key places in the Chamber’s measurements, particularly in the vertical. For indeed the 9 + 6 refers to a time factor, and time is the property of the vertical. There is the sacred Ray itself: 15.20, and the room’s height, 15.50; with the remainders 20 + 50 equalling the diameter of the Globe. With this the Core of the chamber connects its essence and power to the world. Without the sacred formula and its physical representatives, the Mother’s room is confined to the subjective experience of one individual or a single community, and limited in operative power to that particular isolated destiny. It cannot exceed those boundaries. This alone would indicate that it is not a creation descending from the Truth-Conscious plane since such a core, lacking the necessary resonance, could not make a connection between the Unity and the Multiplicity. We shall explore the manner in which this process of integration comes about.
          The 15-tone Shruti is discovered in another key location in the Mother’s original plan. When the precision which she demanded is respected, the 70cm globe placed on the 60x50 rectangular pedestal hides exactly 15 of the full 70cm in the Pedestal. These 15 are nestled in the Pedestal. The ‘light’ thus hidden is mingled with the power of the Pedestal. We view those hidden 15 as the residue distilled from the 9+6=15 of the two whose lives and yogas resulted in this ‘gold’ that is held within the bosom of the third cosmic principle of the Line (the Globe). The alchemy of this joint tapasya resulted in this measurable substance, reflected in the chamber’s core in this special way. In this manner we realise that the Mother’s original plan is a veritable book, a final testament of the stage of the work at the time of her passing – with key elements written into the ‘testament’ that disclose the course the evolution of the Truth-Consciousness on Earth would take. Above all we see that the formula contained in the heart of Sri Aurobindo’s symbol, almost from the beginning of his association with the Mother, bore the 9/6/3 structure that was the formula for the application of the Supermind in the world. It would appear then that the secret was always bared.

The Integration of the relative
If the formulas are truly of the Supermind they have to be dynamic; Sri Aurobindo has written extensively on this important feature of the Truth Consciousness. They must be applicable on the basis of an integration of the circumscribing conditions of each moment. Or, as another definition would have it, a centre that holds. This means that if the Mother’s vision is the true divine Measure, it must reveal the ‘truth’ of each moment. While that ‘truth’ may be relative, as perforce it must be at our stage of evolution, the presence in its midst of the perfectly aligned Divine Measure uplifts the relative and draws it into the wider sphere of objective truth. This reveals if the vision is of the higher plane.
In light of the above, the objective measure then gives us the sense and purpose of the relative itself. For example, the architect’s amendments, improvisations and impositions, made the Auroville Matrimandir a monument in praise of the old creation, but not entirely without ‘purpose’. In the 9 previous Chronicles there were countless disclosures to demonstrate factually how this came to pass. But by far the most important and revealing of all the deviations from the original was the floor diameter measured OUTSIDE the walls, contrary to the express demand of the Divine Shakti that the Inner Chamber’s diameter be 24 metres within the walls.
          In Chronicle 3 we have the confession of Rudd Lohman, leader of the Matrimandir Working Committee at the time, that this inner measurement stands at 24m minus the thickness of the walls, or 80cm (40 + 40), and that it was indeed a mistake on the part of the builders.

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