The central Square of Sri Aurobindo’s Symbol
and the formula 9/6/3/0

These are ‘seen’ as descending or vertical. But then there are the Divine Waters in which the Lotus arises, its ‘field’ as it were. The waves are seven as designed by the Mother. For the layman they are the planes of consciousness. But to ‘one who sees’, to one who knows the secrets of these arcane mysteries and the value of symbols, the seven are not just 7. They are 5 + 2 = 7. Similar to the 15-step entrance to the chamber from below, which ‘comes alive’ for us only if we see it as 9 + 6 = 15, or the embodied living beings, Sri Aurobindo (9) and the Mother (6), so too the waves must be ‘seen’ as 5 + 2 = 7. Then the mystery is revealed. They are the full number counts of both the first (15.8.1872) and second (26.11.1963) births, by the traditional Mathematics of Unity.
            Added to this 5+2=7 is the fact that the waves are horizontal, as they must be. The (vertical) Lotus is upheld by this horizontal plane. In the formula of Supermind’s action in the world, this is the most fundamental distinction to understand. The formula is thus 

9  /  6  /  3   -  0/1

  That is, after the 9/6/3 descent (vertical), similar to the descending Ray of the Mother’s chamber, there is a shift, a change in direction. The Zero (seed-essence of the compacted 9/6/3) gives forth the One. This One is the first point of space (horizontal), i.e., there are three dimensions of Time whose fourth dimension is the point of space, the One. The contraction/compaction of the vertical on the other side as it were, produces the singularity of the event horizon, and space is born. The direction then becomes expansion, the horizontal ‘waters’ of the Symbol.
          In the language of the supramental yoga, this 9/6/3 is compressed into the Golden Seed. The 3 then gives birth to the One who is the result of that compaction, the contents thus of the Zero. For which reason we can confirm that this universe is born of FULLNESS. Emptiness, the Void, is the great illusion – the undivine Maya.[9] She is finally unmasked when the Solar Line takes birth in time and thus imprints the formula of the Supermind in the evolutionary matrix of our world.
          All of this is written in the Mother’s original plan of her Inner Chamber in this fashion in the stone Pedestal which hides from view the 13 years Sri Aurobindo did his alchemical magic on the other side as it were. But the key is a conscious passage followed by a conscious return through the 3 of the Solar Line.

9] Based on the Formula with its message of ‘directions’, science may one day find the answer to the 96% percent of ‘unaccountable’ something-or-other in the universe which they call  dark matter and dark energy.

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