Let us now see how the Mother, with a precision that only the Supramental can manifest, left us this great secret in her original plan of the Inner Chamber.

The Innermost Core
At the exact centre of the Pedestal in the chamber’s Core there is the Supreme Power Point. It is the Truth-Consciousness ‘seed’ lodged at the perfect centre of each created thing. One can visualise it as the immobile centre in the midst of a whirling tornado. This is the soul’s magnetic charge which assures us of a complete divinisation of life on Earth; or indeed of the entire universe. This magnetic Point is what holds the universe together and does not allow creation to disintegrate or to experience total destruction or disintegration.
          The universal manifestation is imaged in the Shalagrama accurately, but provided it has the Mother’s true chamber/vision within. Both elements together describe the nature of the universe; this is the answer to the mysteries baffling both science and spirituality.
          Lest this become an abstract discussion we will now instil life into the measurements so that numbers can become for the seeker living things, just as the Mother experienced them (see Chronicle 9). They become living when life is breathed into them by revealing the living beings the numbers relate to, and through them the details of their lived experiences on Earth, past, present and future.
          Already noted, the descending solar Ray of 15.20m must be ‘seen’ as the year; and the Globe is then ‘seen’ as filled with the Light of Capricorn because in our planet’s time the Ray touches the top of the Globe at exactly the December Solstice, when we enter the zodiacal Capricorn (see CIC 8). This is the beginning of the Festival of Light. It will continue for another 15 days – from 22/12 to 5/1, or 0 degrees to 15 degrees Capricorn. At its culmination – the symbolic mountain peak, Mount Kailash or Mount Meru – there lies Saturn of Sri Aurobindo’s natal horoscope: exactly at 15 degrees Capricorn – in its home sign or most auspicious position. In terms of the descending Ray this is the top of the stone Pedestal upholding the Globe, precisely where the great secret of Sri Aurobindo’s mystery sleep is unveiled.
          The centre of the Globe is thus 1
st January and throughout the world even without these recondite details civilisations of many diverse hues continue the tradition – all except India.
          From 1
st to 5th January, the degrees of the room, the spirit is indrawn since these are the five days ‘out of the calendar’, the five over the perfect celestial sphere of 360 degrees. By the 5th the new ‘seed’ is instilled with the life and light of the Sun and the 360 remaining days of the year that open before it offer the ‘field’ where the Golden Seed can evolve and mature and disclose its Godlike forms. The special alchemy that imbues the Seed with the light and power of the Supermind is described by the Pedestal of the Mother’s Vision. The centremost Point of the Pedestal is therefore the Supreme Power Point.
          On the basis of the Vedic formula – one day for one year – these 365 days can be ‘seen’ as 365 years. Similarly, they are ‘located’ on the descending Ray with the top of the Pedestal becoming before our eyes 1950. These are also the number values of the name Thea, 9/5/1; they are the numbers of the 9
th, 5th and 1st zodiacal signs/Manifestations consisting of 6840 years – or the Trinity of Fire (we are presently in the middle of the 9th); they are equivalent to 9/6/3 when the circle of twelve parts is superimposed on the circle of nine. 1950 was in fact the year of Sri Aurobindo’s passing when his ‘riddle sleep’ began. What Sri Aurobindo experienced from that time onward is recorded in the Mother’s plan in very exact details, starting with his 5.12.1950 conscious departure, and ending thirteen years later with his return to Earth. Indeed, exactly as foreseen when Satyavan is brought back through the channel of 9/5/1:

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