But let us observe the ground reality. The ‘seed of time’, or the zero point is intended to set the Cosmic/Earth clock ticking in synchronicity with that great Cosmic Harmony of which we are a part. The destiny of our planet is precisely to provide a field for the progressive manifestation of that Harmony, collectively and individually. And India stands at the centre of it all. In other words, India is the geo-cosmological perfectly aligned centre of the planet’s destiny; as well as of our geography. But all this hinges only on Capricorn – her own zodiacal ruler, as accepted by all schools of astrology from ancient times to today. Yet it is in India that not only do we find the new cosmic clock for the new age of Vedic temple art in total disarray (the Auroville Matrimandir), but the very same horizontal mis-measure is carried throughout the nation via the post-Vedic pundits’ fixing of that Capricorn gateway. The Auroville Matrimandir diameter axis is 23m20; the Makar Sankranti is 23+ days late (the plus amount depending on the different schools of thought in contemporary Hindu society, each one suggesting a different measure or ayanamsha since its exact location in the constellations can not be proven scientifically).
          This could be read as the farthest reaches of
India’s mis-measure. She can go no farther. It is her natural cosmic boundary. Applied to her unfolding destiny in planetary time, it can be stated that when the Makar Sankranti according to these so-called Vedic astrologers had moved away from the true zero-seed point by 23 days, India would experience the ‘crossroads’ of her destiny which Sri Aurobindo had foreseen. At these farthest reaches of Time and Destiny it is either creation or destruction. There can be no middle way. The Vedic core either lives on and is reborn in this new Age of Vishnu’s preservation guna, or the link is severed for good.

The signs are all too clear. We would have to be blind not to realise what is happening. When Hindu society leaves this crucial factor of determining the Makar Sankranti to the post-Vedic pundits who have lost the Knowledge due to the split between science and the sacred, what is the result? We have perhaps a dozen zero points (ayanamshas). No longer is the shortest day of the year the signal that Capricorn opens before us in our calendar/zodiacal time reckoning. Capricorn is now, these pundits inform us, determined exclusively by a ‘fixed’ point in the heavens countless light years away, - that is, in the circumscribing constellations. This means that for Hindus there is primarily a SIDEREAL ZODIAC to consider, no longer a TROPICAL ZODIAC determined by the Earth’s own sacred measure vis-à-vis the Sun. Hindu society has been carried into the Beyond, like it or not, to heavens up and above which have little or no relation with the Earth, as far as our LIVED and EXPERIENCED measure of time is concerned. This has been the triumph of science and the demise of the sacred on this holiest of Earth soils, which is supposed to be the repository and preserver of the ancient way. Hinduism is thereby following the way of the Middle Eastern religions in positing ‘heaven’ in a beyond to be attained after death, for this is the meaning of the shift from Tropical to Sidereal.
          Is it just a ‘coincidence’ that the very same mis-measure imposed on Hindu society for the celebration of the Makar Sankranti is the same mis-measure of the room’s diameter constructed in Auroville and that both involve centrally the sign Capricorn?
          There is a reason for the ‘coincidence’. The Makar Sankranti/Festival of Light comprises 15 days in all.
Within these 15 days in calendar time there are the five ‘degrees of the room’, – that is, 10 to 15 degrees Capricorn, or the first five degrees/days of the year –1st to 5th January.[5]

[5]   Ibid, p. 392 concerning Varuna (10 degrees Capricorn) and the Eye of Shiva (15 degrees Capricorn), encompassing the ‘degrees of the room’.

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